Monday, January 5, 2009

2 weeks off-that weren't really "off"

Man, I'm back in the office for my first official day back since Christmas break. And what a break it was! We spent a week in Michigan going back and forth between the two families (my family and the in-laws). Had a great time, saw plenty of snow, then saw it all melt, got some good gifts including a new power drill I desperately needed, some youth ministry and youth culture books, food, etc... Then when we came back, I was in charge of the New Year's Eve-Eve service and so I talked about being burned out because we don't abide in Christ. Then showed the movie The Printing. That seemed to be enjoyed pretty well by all who were there. New Year's Eve we went over to some friends house for games and food and hangin' out. The rest of the week I slept in, saw the movie Valkyrie (was good) and did a little office work on Saturday while hanging with one of the boys in the youth group. Yesterday was church and then youth group. I'm going to start meeting down in the fellowship hall instead of the youth room just because of the added room we need.
Anyway, back to work, back to ministry, and back to staying crazy busy. Hopefully, I'll be posting some book reviews and extra stuff this year.
Now to get used to writing 09 instead of 08, which I just got used to writing.

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