Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas stuff

Well, I'm feeling a lot better than earlier in the week. I'm getting a lot more colds and stuff and I think it's just life in WV. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Anyway, I'm mostly over the headache, sore throat, and snotty nose and congestion so I'm happy about that. We just had the Christmas program at school last night. It went very well and I guess when you put a little pressure on the kids they actually do better than you expect. As the "spotlight technician" I had the best view of the whole thing and enjoyed my little contribution. Glad it's done though. Today we're having the youth ministry Christmas party at our house. I'm headed out in a second to take Sierra to the church for practice for the church Christmas program tomorrow night and then straight to Walmart to pick up the food and supplies. We'll watch the movie Elf, eat a LOT of good food, play some holiday-themed games, and have a gift exchange. I told the kids to bring a gender-neutral $5 wrapped gift, and then we'll draw numbers to pick the gifts. You can steal someone else's gift but a gift can only be stolen once. Anyway, i think we'll have a good number come so I think the party should be a good one.
Tis the season to be jolly and I actually am in the Christmas mood right now. Can't wait for next week.
Read Luke 2

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

quicck update

Ugh, feel horrible...nasty cold...won't go away...must make it until I get home...
I'm very tired and the busy holiday isn't helping at all. School Christmas program rehearsals are killing me and then I have a big Christmas party with the youth group at my house this Sat. afternoon. I still have to plan some things for that.
Need to go running but now that my head's throbbing, that's out the window today. And i have Next Step tonight so I get to come back.
I was out Christmas shopping last night and Sat. night. Lots of money spent, but lots accomplished.
Had last Friday's basketball games cancelled for a snow day, don't know if I can make them up or not. Away game this Thursday but I am making the executive decision to not go on this one.
We're having our Christmas morning next Tuesday with the kids and then that afternoon leaving for Michigan to see the families. Should be a busy holiday but a good one.
Remember the true meaning of Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick stuff

Wow, December already. Can't believe it's the holiday season, but hey, it's the most wonderful time of the year!! I really do love the Christmas season and all that goes along with the holiday.
I am extremely busy right now and don't like it as much as when I was only really busy. The AD thing is wearing me out but thank God, the worst is over for now. The schedule's complete, first games in the books and the tip-off tournament (which I have to go on) is tomorrow.
Random thoughts:
1. I don't like the whole bail-out idea that government is in love with now. I like checks in the mail but there has to be a limit somewhere.
2. The girls basketball team lost pretty badly this Tuesday and the guys won pretty easily; which should be the story of this season. We'll see. I have to go see a baskeball game in a couple minutes that one of my girls in my youth group is playing in. Will be a daddy-daughter date.
3. I need to decorate my office more than just 200 multi-colored lights hanging askew overhead. But I'm not creative enough and I'm too cheap to really buy a bunch of neat stuff. Hmmmm, youth group decorating committee?
4.Preaching in tomorrow morning's school chapel and using the Casting Crown's song Slow Fade as the introduction. I want tto show the kids that some of them are on their way down the dangerous slope away form God. Using Psalm 1:1 and the story of Lot in Gen as text.
5. Can't wait to watch The Office tonight. I never would have thought I would say it, but I'm hooked on a national TV network TV show. (How embarassing!)
6. Will get back to this blog when I can