Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catching up

Well, I've done a pretty rotten job of keeping up to date in this blog. Even though I am the only one who ever reads this, I like to imagine that there are many out there who live their lives waiting for my next post. We both know that's entirely fictional.
Random thoughts:
Lot of snow and cold. School cancelled since Wednesday, so really long weekend considering Monday is MLK day. Trying to change insurances to something with more coverage and something with dental too. It amuses me hearing about all the excitement leading up to "the first black president". More hype and build-up, more impossible expectations, more failure to live up to same impossible expectations, more disappointment, more searching for a "savior": my predictions concerning the 44th president. Just went to a men's prayer breakfast this morning, enjoyed the candid conversations. Need to get the door to our minivan fixed because it won't latch shut when it's very cold out. And I just bought two new needed tires for my car. I was trying to decide whether to take the youth group to a winter camp-more expensive, or a day ski trip-less activity and fun. So I'll do both and hope enough can do each to make it worthwhile. And at the end of this month I have both a parents meeting about the next 4 months and a mission trip meeting.
Speaking of mission trip: we are going to Monterrey in July to help local churches put on a VBS in their neighborhoods. We are driving to McAllen, Texas and meeting Juan Curling (a friend from college) and he is the one who heads up the transportation, meals, and activities inside Mexico. We'll be driving 3 days down and 3 days back. Sounds like a lot, but actually it's a full-2 day drive so making it into 3 will make it easier for all involved. I'm very excited as I haven't been to Mexico since 11th grade and it was the best trip of my life to that point. We will have a pretty full van load with stuff in a trailer too.
Family is continuing to grow and learn. I love the extra time I get to spend sometimes with my kids and yet I enjoy being by myself as well. Normal stresses continue, but God takes care of all as He sees fit. And I need to thank Him more for that.

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I always read your blog!