Saturday, October 11, 2008

interesting saturday

So i had a pretty interesting day today. First, i got up early to go with a family from my church to their farm. It's a couple of counties away and in some beautiful West Virginia land. While i certainly do my share of making fun of WV, i have to admit, this state has some of the most beautiful hilly and mountainous scenery i've ever seen. Anyway, on the way to their land I had some good conversations with the parents and i really appreciated getting to know them better. I know the kids pretty well since they are active in my youth group, so it was nice to get to know the parents more. I did some hiking and exploring around their farmland with this family and got back early this afternoon. It was a fun and strenuous morning that took the place of my usual run. Then I was with my family and took a nap until the youth group gym night. This was our first one for the school year and it went surprisingly well. All the kids loved it and though it wasn't heavily attended (not surprised because most of the teens couldn't make it), i had a really good time just playing games and goofing off with them. For all the trouble teens can be, i really enjoy the times I can just be real with them and see the potential they have. It was a fun night playing kickball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, hitting a volleyball around and just being a kid. (Maybe that can replace my Monday run!) For your information, i try to run 5 or 6 miles three times a week-not because I love to run, i actually dislike it a little, but for the health and exercise benefits. I refuse to lose the battle of the bulge, at least this early in life and hopefully not ever.
Tomorrow is the church's anniversary Sunday, my first with Emmanuel, so it should be a big day tomorrow. There's not an evening service because of the anniversary activities, so Sarah and I got a babysitter and we'll do some shopping for Kiersten's birthday. She turns three next Wed. Wow, does time fly. And the kids are still young, too.

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