Monday, October 13, 2008

Waxing poetical about the political

OK, hopefully this is the one and only time I wax poetical about the political for 2008. I dislike getting into politics, though I have to admit it's a guilty pleasure for me to watch the debates and follow election news. I don't like to go crazy about debating politics in general, mostly because I feel most people know who or what they are voting for and don't need/want me to try to change their mind. Maybe that's just me but I believe it's the norm. People rarely wander from their comfort zones, even in reference to who they usually vote for and what beliefs they support.
So around May or June when it was clear who the party nominees were going to be (even before Hillary and Obama finished duking it out), I had a feeling that McCain had no chance. Too many right now are against Bush (not touching that one with a ten-foot pole!) and anyone who is similar to Bush in policies that I think McCain had lost even before he started. If you believe the polls, which i usually don't (John Kerry doesn't either after 2004), they back up my assumption of a democrat for president this year. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I will be. While I don't consider myself a Republican, I do consider myself to be conservative, so i usually end up voting for a Repub., though I have voted for Dems. and other parties before. I don't like to vote by a party because they both/all have problems and good sides. I vote with consideration of the issues and topics but mostly for those who are morally closest to my personal Judeo-Christian beliefs. I care more about how important human life and Biblical principles are to a candidate than what they will do about Russia. (Though foreign policy and national policies are important; especially today.)
So while I personally feel that Barack had this wrapped up a few months ago, I want you to be reminded of Proverbs 21:1 "The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever He [the Lord] wishes." (NASB) No matter who the next president is, he will do exactly what God allows and wishes for this country. That is why at the beginning of this blog I said that I dislike "getting into politics". Because we all get up in arms over something that may happen politically we don't like, when in reality, who cares who is president? That person is still controlled by the Lord whether they want to be or not. Good or bad (in our opinion) still comes from our Creator and Sustainer. Many verses throughout the Bible, including many in Psalms, prove this point over and over again.
What are my personal views on the two candidates? I will vote for McCain, though somewhat grudgingly. He doesn't seem to be a true leader and stick to his guns with all the "maverick, across-the-aisles stuff" he brags about. How will he do what he thinks is right if he desires to please everybody...or upset everybody? I like his v.p. pick, though she is raw and inexperienced and seemingly unknowledgeable. (I know, the media bias is getting to me.) Yes, I completely believe that the media has pretty much already elected Obama for us, but what do you expect from a liberal media? I feel the president should have experience in leading and making decisions for others. Which is one reason why I won't vote for Obama. He is as inexperienced as Palin, in my opinion, and I see a lot of socialist leanings in his plans for America. He is even more two-faced than McCain (I mean they say one thing to one group of people/supporters and another or even opposite thing to a different group. I know, I know; that's politics as usual). And his wife scares me as much as Hillary does.
I just had these thoughts and personal opinions simmering in me for a while and I wanted to vent a little and hopefully cause some of you to think. I don't expect you to agree with everything, my wife definitely doesn't, but if you simply think then this post was successful.
OK, no more politics for a while. I promise!!! (until maybe after the election in November.)

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