Friday, October 10, 2008

Seemingly hopeless

Bothersome thoughts of a youth pastor:
I look at this world and the countless distractions it has to offer (jobs, money, fame, popularity, selfish desires, fun, distractions, media, just to name a few) and I wonder how on earth any teenager who wants to live for Christ can do so successfully. It seems hopeless that I as a youth pastor could make any impression at all in their lives that can compete with the world. But of course, I can't. John 3:30 says "He must increase, but I must decrease." Jesus Christ is the only one who can truly make a difference in these kids lives. I am just the tool he may use to work with. Just like a hammer lying there on the workbench is useless until it is picked up and swung effectively, we are (I am) useless without God's sovereign "swinging" in my life. I know this but I so often forget it and try my own ways of getting teenagers attention and time. My activities and discipleship classes and other things i plan are already losing to the busyness of the teenager today. Sports, band, clubs, family time, parties, going to movies, etc... all are a big part of today's teenagers life. But once again, God knows this; nothing takes Him by surprise and I must simply be the clay in His hands for me to be used effectively for Him.
One of the songs I've taught my teens and learned to play on my guitar is In Christ Alone. All our hope is solely in Him because of what He did and continues to do for us.
Seemingly hopeless? Yup, but thank God things aren't always as they seem.


Sunny Fetty said...

Good Job Ben...I think you successfully submitted your first blog:)

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