Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend in Review

Well, it was going to be a busy weekend in the youth ministry but God used the weather to change things. (Proverbs reminds us that we can plan things exactly how we want but God brings everything to pass how He wants.) Anyway, I had a trip up to PA planned to go to a corn maze/hay ride/farm trip thing. But it rained all Friday night and into Saturday morning so I had to cancel it Sat. morning. That was a bummer because everyone was looking forward to it, including yours truly. But the worst part was when I called the corn maze place and found out that this weekend was the last shot at the activities. So i couldn't even reschedule which is what I was going to do. So I watched football and spent time with my family which was good, but Michigan lost again, which wasn't good. Oh well. Then Sunday came and I had a pretty good, interesting lesson on obedience in respect to Noah in Genesis. Youth group in the evening turned out great. We had 23 in attendance which was the most we've had since the youth group meeting right before the Cedar Point trip in August. Plus, we had a couple new girls visit and they seemed excited about what was going on. In fact, they came to the afterglow afterwards when I invited them. But back to youth group. We had prayer and split up into smaller groups to pray and share requests. Then we sang a couple songs (I'm getting better at the guitar thing, believe it or not) and I challenged the kids again this week on the idea of our lives and why we are here. I made the point it is only for God's pleasure and glory that He created us and we need to live for His glory only. Who do we worship? It comes down to ourselves or Christ. Then I gave them 3 examples of how to tell who they were truly worshipping. They need to examine what they spend their time, money, and thoughts on. I hope the points took hold because I could see some of the wheels turning in their heads. After youth group, we went over to a family's house for the afterglow. We had snacks and drinks and then everyone ran around outside or sat around the bonfire roasting marshmallows. I had a great time of just fellowship and "hang out" time with the teens. And here's a bonus, I even had them back to the church before 9:00!!
It was just a good weekend of ministry even though an activity got cancelled. Now I'm finishing details and plans for the Student Leadership Conference that I'm taking some of the teens to next week. I think it will be great for the youth ministry. Our second Next Step is tomorrow night. I hope it's as good as the first.
And I early voted today. Talk about feeling like a good citizen but helpless at the same time!

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