Friday, November 14, 2008

Funeral or a party?

Well, life again shows me that there is nothing that changes but change. Last Saturday night I found out that my grandfather up in Michigan passed away. So that meant leaving Monday after school and driving up with Kiersten to see the family and do all the funeral stuff. Sunday night for youth group I was able to hit on a little of Ecclesiastes mentioning that a funeral is better than a party because it leads to serious thoughts and personal change, whereas a party is all fun and not much life searching. Most of the parties and fun activities I have been too don't lead to too much life-changing decisions and i think that's what Solomon was trying to say. We would all rather be at a party than a funeral but for serious life improvement, a party doesn't cut it. Anyway, that was in my head all week as I spent much time with a grieving family at the viewings and then the funeral. It's unfortunate that it usually takes someones death to be able to see lots of family. Maybe my family is different, but there are the family I always see, the ones I see every year or two and then the family I never see except for times like these. Sorry, random thoughts about life (death?).
I have tons of stuff going on this Sunday. I have Next Step at 5, then youth group, then I have a meeting for the mission trip after youth group. Being gone for most of the last two weeks, I have much to catch up on. I know it seems like we like to say we're sooo busy and never have any time to relax and we all think that somehow that's a good thing. I like to say to people that being so busy keeps me out of trouble but it doesn't. I wish it was more of an accepted thing to not be busy. I don't know how possible that would be but it sounds good. Anyway, then Monday there is a rollerskating activity in the evening (not to forget two meeting earlier in the day) and hopefully, after that, the week slows down a bit.
Monday morning I'm meeting with some other youth pastors and youth sponsors to go over some fellowship activities and ideas. I'm looking forward to that as i don't get a chance to talk much with other yp's and bounce ideas and stuff off them. Should be a good meeting.
I'll try today and tomorrow (Saturday) to spend lots of time relaxing with family. I definitely need to get the brakes on the van replaced. We'll see how much "football time" I really have tomorrow.

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