Monday, November 3, 2008

ready or not...

So, last day before the election and here goes nothing. I early-voted last week since I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, so I got that out of the way.
A couple thoughts and personal opinions...
1. Neither of the candidates are who I picture being a good president.
2. I will be really glad when this crap is over for another four years
3. I don't trust anything either political camp says and don't really trust politicians in general any more than I could throw them.
4. Sounds like voter fraud and messing with voters tomorrow will be a big story. It pays to not be dumb.
5. Why are the issues now all of a sudden Joe the Plumber's opinions, the stock market, and who will bring the troops home faster? Even though both say that Afghanistan is where it will be at.
6. I want to not care at all but i do.

Hitting the road in a couple hours to the Leadership Conference (see previous post) so I will be back this weekend.
Either vote, or don't say a word when things don't turn out as you had hoped.

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