Friday, November 7, 2008

Stuff going on

OK, back in the saddle of "normalcy" again. I had a good time with the three teens that actually made it with me to the Leadership Conference. The conference was not what i thought, but it was good and challenging. There were about 65 or 70 teens there and everyday was full of mostly services and leadership stuff. The speaker, Paul Whitt, was very good and the kids really liked the leadership training. If we go next year, I definitely want more kids to be able to go, but it's not a good thing to force them to go as some other schools made the juniors and seniors go and you could tell they did not really want to be there except for the fact of missing school for 3 days.
Some sad news; it sounds like my grandpa up in Michigan will not make it too much longer. I'm trying to decide when I should go up, before he goes or just for the funeral. This will be the closest family death I've had to deal with in my life. Makes me think of the uncertainty of life.
It also looks as if I'll end up being the school's athletic director. I'm not sure that I'm thrilled about that as there are a couple people who are definitely more qualified than me, but they don't want to or can't do it, and this would be another new experience for me to tackle. We'll see. It will definitely have its challenges as I'm finding out more and more about what all entails the athletic program and the history of our playing certain other schools.
Looking forward to a Saturday to mostly relax. The rest of November should be pretty busy with youth ministry stuff and school stuff. And Thanksgiving and the holiday season are almost here too. Look out.

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