Monday, November 24, 2008

Office novelties

I thought I would describe some of the random things I have around my office and what they mean...or don't mean.
1. a West Virginia basketball poster sitting in the corner still rolled up: given to me by a junior higher who keeps trying to recruit me to be a WV fan so he gives me all this WV stuff. I really like getting stuff but it doesn't mean I'm going to go to the dark side.
2. a Navajo Indian blanket laid on the floor like a rug: given to me by an old work associate, the kids like it and I think it looks a lot cooler than folded up in the corner where it was.
3. various U of M stuff hanging around on the walls: though it was an ugly year to be a Michigan fan, my loyalty still lies with U of M and I represent with some various hats, posters, and a pillow all displayed in maize and blue
4. my guitar and guitar poster: all good youth pastors know how to play the guitar, right? So I taught myself the basics and enjoy being able to play praise and worship songs in youth group. It's much better than me having to lead accapella (spelling?).
5. World's Best Youth Pastor mug: probably came into being with The Office craze, but a student gave it to me and I did not buy it for myself, contrary to popular rumor, and I like to think they were being truthful with their gift. I know better, though.
6. Pictures of family: All youth pastors have to have the obligatory pictures of family and I proudly display mine on my desk and on the heating vent for all to see.
7. a miniature pool table with pool sticks that kids like to fight and knock stuff over with: it was left here by a previous youth pastor so I kind of inherited the problem but I can't get rid of it as it brings many hours of amusement for the junior highers.
8. my huge orange coffee thermos mug: it's orange, huge, has a handle, holds coffee, and it's famous around the school. Need I say more?
9. bulletin board: with athletic schedules, youth group calendar, pictures of teens, a birthday ribbon, my Fox 40 whistle, a weird shaped mirror, and funny pictures I printed off the internet for the teens to see.
10. dry erase board: with activity ideas for the future, lesson subject ideas, stuff to do/remember for the mission trip to Mexico, and various reminders, topped with four dry-erase markers and an eraser
11. a real live Mexican sombrero on the wall: given to me as a gift from a family at my last church, it's another youth pastor must-have.
There's lots more to mention but I'll stop there. Maybe I'll mention some more later. I know you won't be able to wait.

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