Tuesday, November 18, 2008

skatin' around

What a day. Having to wait two extra hours in a smelly car repair place while I'm waiting for these two jokers to figure out that all they have to do is put a brake spring on the right way and I can go home was what i dealt with today. Got home late, missed dinner (my wife was kind enough to reheat it for me), and had to relax for a bit so I could cool off. Before I went to the brake shop my day was pretty good. Had school revival chapel in the morning and stayed busy with meetings and study. Now that I'm the athletic director for the school, I met with both coaches today and got their imput on some things.
Last night I had a rollerskating activity planned at the local skating rink. Of course, as my luck would have it it was also the day God decided to send snow all afternoon and evening. Well I showed up anyway to see if anyone would come. Remember, if we were in Michigan or New York, it wouldn't be an issue. People are used to driving in snow. But West Virginia is kind of "half-south" and people have to get used to the winter stuff on the roads. But three boys actually showed up and so we went to the rink. We were the first and only people there so they let us skate around and knock each other over and stuff for about 40 minutes for free until they decided to close up shop and kicked us out. So we still had 2 hours to spend. We went over to another WV institution, Walmart, and walked around. I beat everyone else on the Rockband drums, and then we walked around the Christmas stuff they have set up. Then we went to Starbucks and used our unspent skating money on frappachinos. We joked around and talked and I really enjoyed just hanging around the guys. It was a fun change to an activity that kind of tanked. But I'm learning quickly that problems gravitate toward youth activities. Whether snow or football games, something is bound to come up. I'll get used to it.

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