Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mafia and religion

I just got finished playing a game called "Mafia" with some eighth graders. I just taught it to them yesterday and they begged to play it again today. This game entails a lot of lying or telling the truth, but the thing I pointed out to them as they were playing it today is that it doesn't matter as much as to who you are (Mafia or a townsperson) in the game, it matters as to who you get to believe you. And immediately I thought of a connection between that obviously fictional game and the religions of the world. They are all in some manner or other "fighting" for as many "believers/converts" as possible. Look at just the "religion" of Christianity (mine). I could spend an hour trying to think of all the mainline and obscure demoninations and segments of Christianity and still wouldn't be able to think of them all. And yet we lose the fact that we should all be serving the same God and working to bring people into His Kingdom and knowledge of the Savior. Instead, we fight and argue over whose denomination or "sect" is better. Unfortunately, in this world today it isn't so much about who is working hardest to bring people to know Christ, it is how many you can get to believe you whether or not you are right or not. We just want the biggest churches, the best fellowships, and most scary, the most people to come to "our side". I believe that in heaven, we will see that probably all of us were wrong on some little issues or practices that we held as "so important" or "vital to our faith/denomination" because us as humans see things somewhat skewed through our limited understanding of God's perfect Word. I wish we would as a whole get back to the basics of the Gospel: reaching people for Christ, and seeking to know Him more as we serve others in our time we have on earth. Playing Mafia is temporary and just a silly game. Playing religion is much more permanent and much more serious.

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